BRUNO TRUCKS is a TRADING SERVICE COMPANY that has been supplying our clients with the best trucks since 2007. Many of the transporting and building companies, steel construction producers and individual clients take benefits from our offer. Because of intensive market analysis we are open for needs and ideas of our clients and we do this in the best way we can.

BRUNO TRUCKS has a qualified personnel with large experience in the field of motorization and transporting. Our tradesmen analyze the market and the needs of our clients. From this reason we are able to help you to make correct decision. We will help you to choose appropriate products which will be optimal in terms of quality, price, parameters, delivery conditions, etc. We know that all this needs lots of time which is very important in our times. That is why we offer you our services.

We choose the best equipment which will totally fulfill your expectations. In our commercial activity we are supported by international partners and suppliers. Our company is going to supply you with high quality service which will be less expensive than you think.

We encourage you to start cooperation with us

Yours faithfully